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Acutech’s friendly and knowledgable ASE Certfied Technicians are pleased to provide you with quality, reliable automotive service, including smog and brake & lamp inspections. If you’re not sure what type of service you need, just contact us and we’ll help.

Auto Repair Services

Smog Tests and Certification

Brake & Lamp Inspection

Hybrid Vehicles

Auto Repair Services

Engine Performance Diagnosis

Today’s modern vehicle engines are complex and require strict specifications to keep them running at their peak efficiency; making proper maintenance and service all the more important. Acutech’s ASE Certified technicians can handle all types of engine service; from the most challenging engine diagnosis to perfectly tuning a high performance racing machine.

Performance Suspension System Tuning

With all of the dynamics involved in a high performance suspension system (oversteer, understeer, slip, sway, spring rate) many drivers turn to us to fine tune their performance suspensions. Using our experience from the race track and parts carried exclusively for this purpose, we get the performance suspension results our customers require.

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Diagnosis

Brakes take a lot of abuse from heat and friction every time your driving. Changing brake pads as needed greatly decreases the risk of more costly repairs, for example if the pads are allowed to wear out completely. Our expert technicians can diagnosis the health of your braking system and provide recommendations for safety and performance.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance Service for all Import Vehicles

Keep your import car in the best shape possible with factory scheduled maintenance and regular fluid changes. We are pleased to perform dealer level service for Toyotas and Hondas at a fraction of the price.

Transmission & Transaxle Diagnosis & Repair

The transmission is a complex system that transfers energy created by the engine to the tires. Proper maintenance of this system, such as fluid changes, increases the life of the transmission and reduces the likelyhood of major repairs. Acutech Auto performs scheduled maintenance, transmission repair and replacement.

Electrical System Diagnosis

Your vehicle’s electrical system is one of the most important sytems in the entire vehicle. Our expert technicians will get the right diagnosis the first time, we’ve got the experience to resolve the issue quickly and get you back on the road.

Air Conditioning System Service & Repair

With air conditioning as common as it is today, you probably won’t even think twice about it, until it’s not working correctly. Acutech has the equipment and the technical prowes to service, repair, and keep your a/c system running cool and efficient.

Hybrid Vehicles

Our Training and knowledge gives us the ability to service and repair Toyota, Lexus, Honda and Acura hybrid vehicles just like yours. Our diagnostic equipment allows us to detect and repair little problems, before they become big ones! Aside from basic maintenance and repair, we perform all kinds of specialty hybrid services – from oil changes to High Voltage Battery services, such as Hybrid battery rebuild and replace.

  1. Factory-Trained Hybrid Technicians
  2. Same day hybrid auto repair and service
  3. 24,000 Miles or 24 Month Warranty
  4. Open / Transparent Process – including photos to help you understand repair recommendations
  5. Competitive Pricing – Excellent Quality
  6. 100% Customer Satisfaction

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